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Featured in Photoshelter’s -The Photography Blog Handbook

We were thrilled to be profiled in Photoshelter’s latest handbook as an “expert” on Blogging for Storytelling and Advocacy. PhotoShelter is the leader in portfolio…

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Code for America: Engaging, Uplifting Nonprofit Promo Video

Spotlight: Code for America Code for America, a nonprofit that uses technology to transform local governments, boasts a creative, compelling promo video that not…

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The Kilgoris Project: Nonprofit Provides Kindles in Kenya

The rural Kenyan village of Kilgoris is far from the reaches of modern technology, but thanks to Jon McCormack and his use of multimedia, Kilgoris now has…

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Getting Up Close and Personal With Online Advocacy Video

Every person, cause and business has a story to tell, and and a few key video techniques can help bring these stories to life. Here are a few ways to achieve effective…

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Click to Donate – A Nonprofit Campaign That Went Viral

How one nonprofit’s fundraiser went viral in less than 30 days Imagine if making $5000 for your nonprofit cause were as easy as clicking a button. This nonprofit did,…

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Getting Supporters to Take the Next Step When Your Video Ends

While the audience for online video continues to grow, the advances in web video technology are changing at a dizzying pace, making it hard for nonprofits to keep up….

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