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Advocacy Videos: Digital Storytelling on a Budget

Everyone agrees about the increasing importance of multimedia storytelling and getting the nonprofit message across. There are many choices today for nonprofits when…

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5 Practical Tools for Creating Professional-Looking Web Videos via Skype

Guest blog by Derek Singleton – Softwareadvice.com These days, recording a professional-looking Web video interview is becoming easier and cheaper. However, it is…

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Code for America: Engaging, Uplifting Nonprofit Promo Video

Spotlight: Code for America Code for America, a nonprofit that uses technology to transform local governments, boasts a creative, compelling promo video that not…

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Getting Supporters to Take the Next Step When Your Video Ends

While the audience for online video continues to grow, the advances in web video technology are changing at a dizzying pace, making it hard for nonprofits to keep up….

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Techniques to add dazzle to your advocacy video

Matanya’s Hope tells stories of Kenyan schoolchildren through photos & video Multimedia storytelling can be an incredibly powerful tool organizations to attract…

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No Fast Food Here – A Londolozi Leopard’s Ordeal for a Good Meal

Its no walk in the park what a leopard must go through to get a good meal.  First the capture and killing of its prey, then the careful preparation of the carcass and…

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The Key to Africa’s Future: Educating Children

Thousands of miles from home, Michelle Stark is changing the world. In 2005 the Homewood, Illinois native founded Matanya’s Hope, a nonprofit dedicated to educating…

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Colca Canyon, Peru – Life in a Simpler Time

The terraces of the Andes surround the  Colca Valley are impressive. The name Colca refers to small granaries of mud and stone, built into the cliffs in the valley and…

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Major Multimedia Reel

Major Multimedia understands the impact powerful imagery can have on creating compelling humanitarian stories. Through our unique style of visual storytelling, we…

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