Major Multimedia is an independent production company that creates documentaries, fundraising and web-based films highlighting stories of social good. As president of Major Multimedia, Lauren has taken her passion for visual storytelling and applied it to nonprofits, NGOs and corporate clients addressing social issues and advocating for change.  With the power of online video, social media and crowd funding at an all-time high, Lauren and her crew at Major Multimedia can bring your stories to life with amazing visuals to attract donors, motivate supporters and impact change.

Our latest project

Fostering Connections,  spotlights a unique, intergenerational community located on the abandoned Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, Illinois. Hope Meadows is one of a small number of communities around the nation based on the ‘intentional neighboring’ model specifically designed to support adoptive families, high-risk foster youth and seniors.

This short documentary tells the story of Micci Grainger – once a foster child herself and her struggle in bringing up both her biological and adopted children. With the support of her husband, Tim, and the “surrogate grandparent” seniors of the Hope Meadows community, the Grainger family works daily to break the vicious cycle of neglect and abuse, while the seniors are given opportunities to make a difference in their community and in the lives of the foster care children in their neighborhood.

As testament to the true love of what we do and our desire to meet our client’s needs, recent nonprofit clients write

“…Thank you for your outstanding work creating the video of Pauline King and Deborah’s Place. You told Pauline’s story beautifully while interweaving information about our programs and services. It is the complete package: informative, compelling, and inspirational. We were delighted to be able to premiere the video at our Benefit Dinner fundraiser …our guests were truly moved by the video, and many of them were seeing our work up close for the first time.”  — Deborah’s Place, Chicago

“…Spectacular! I think you really captured the spirit of what we do. Many many thanks!  And please pass this on to your crew, we are very grateful.” — Jeff Jenkins, Midnight Circus/Circus in the Parks

“…You exhibited a passion and compassion in your work that depicts the heart of our mission in a creative, truthful, artful and time sensitive format, making it perfect for sharing with multi-dimensional groups. The entire staff at Major Multimedia was very flexible and eager to do whatever was necessary to highlight the core of our work.” — Michelle Stark, Matanya’s Hope

“…Lauren was a pro at capturing buildOn students in action. Her photos artfully conveyed the personal connection these teens made with individuals, both children and the elderly, while serving their communities.” — Carrie Pena, BuildOn

“…the wealth of knowledge in Major Multimedia’s webinars will undoubtedly assist our members in telling effective stories for causes that effect children, adults, and families.”  — Adam Hope, Alliance for Children and Families

Major Multimedia’s services are ideal for

Social media campaigns
Website films
Event photography & filming
Email marketing & E-newsletters
Donor/client engagement & feedback
Multimedia volunteer/staff training

Lauren Major’s Bio

Lauren Major, founder of Major Multimedia, is a visual artist specializing in multimedia storytelling for nonprofits, NGO’s and small to medium-sized businesses affecting positive community change.  Lauren’s passion is to help shift the momentum away from the fear and tragedy-focused news of today’s media, toward stories where people are making a positive difference.

Major Multimedia, Inc. was established in 2010 out of Lauren’s passion for travel and desire to use visual storytelling to address social issues and advocate for change worldwide.  Lauren has her MFA in Documentary Film from DePaul University and her MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago.

Please email us at info@majormultimedia.com so we can discuss your next project with you.