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No Fast Food Here – A Londolozi Leopard’s Ordeal for a Good Meal

Its no walk in the park what a leopard must go through to get a good meal.  First the capture and killing of its prey, then the careful preparation of the carcass and finally the climb of over 30 feet above the ground to stash it on a top branch of a tree. This featured video provides an inside look at a recent safari expedition in Kruger National Park, South Africa.  Major Multimedia brings you up close and personal with a 13-year-old male leopard as he cleans and then stashes his most recent kill.

Watch what this intelligent, fierce and undeniably beautiful leopard must do to survive in the wild and make sure he will not lose his meal to hyenas or lions in the area. Under the guidance of Dave Dampier, a Londolozi Resort and Game Reserve ranger, we observed the leopard for three hours in its natural habitat, recording the preparation, meal and then storage of a one-year-old impala.

Did you know?

Leopards are known to be very particular about food.

We watched as this leopard worked at a slow and steady pace to pluck the fur off the impala, pre-cleaning it before covering its scent and then hiding the scattered scraps of meat on the ground.

They climb trees.

Monkeys aren’t the only animals you’ll find hanging out in the trees in South Africa. Leopards can be seen frequently relaxing and sleeping high above the ground close to where they stash their kill.

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