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Rescue Me

When people think about family the subject is typically a parent, sibling, or close friend. However, my family includes six decades of bearded collies who have had a huge impact on my parents, my daughter, and myself.

Beardies are known for their intelligence and their close relationships with people. As a young child, showing and breeding bearded collies brought our family closer together and helped us get through some difficult times. As an adult, Oreo, my beardie of 14 years, was my best friend and companion always at my side.

And just one year ago, after my daughter, Carly was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and anxiety disorder and was unable to function in everyday life, we got her a companion – Kovu, a newborn beardie. Kovu has has helped her tremendously in her recovery and has led her to find comfort in working with other dogs as well.

Beardies have been by our sides for three generations and remain an important part of who we are.