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Fostering Connections – Our Newest Social Impact Documentary

We’re excited to share our latest social impact documentary  Fostering Connections. Learn about the remarkable story of how one intentional community, built around…

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New Reel Highlighting Social Impact Work

Proud to share our new reel in honor of Major Multimedia’s four year anniversary!  The two-minute film (above our home page) exemplifies the social impact film and…

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The Peru Project

In the shantytowns surrounding Lima, Peru, lighting is scarce. Kerosene lamps and candles barely fill the nighttime electricity void. Though light can sometimes be…

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The Circus Comes to Englewood

The Midnight Circus, a remarkable Chicago nonprofit, provides hope and motivation to residents of Englewood — one of the most challenged communities in Chicago. This documentary takes us on one woman’s personal journey of community building and her desire to move away from the stigma of violence and hopelessness…

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Advocacy Videos: Digital Storytelling on a Budget

Everyone agrees about the increasing importance of multimedia storytelling and getting the nonprofit message across. There are many choices today for nonprofits when…

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5 Practical Tools for Creating Professional-Looking Web Videos via Skype

Guest blog by Derek Singleton – Softwareadvice.com These days, recording a professional-looking Web video interview is becoming easier and cheaper. However, it is…

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Chicago Cares Recognition

Chicago Cares awarded their Corporate Partner Star to Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P at their awards gala on November 28, 2011 at the Four Seasons hotel in…

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Click to Donate – A Nonprofit Campaign That Went Viral

How one nonprofit’s fundraiser went viral in less than 30 days Imagine if making $5000 for your nonprofit cause were as easy as clicking a button. This nonprofit did,…

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Getting Supporters to Take the Next Step When Your Video Ends

While the audience for online video continues to grow, the advances in web video technology are changing at a dizzying pace, making it hard for nonprofits to keep up….

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