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New Reel Highlighting Social Impact Work

Proud to share our new reel in honor of Major Multimedia’s four year anniversary!  The two-minute film (above our home page) exemplifies the social impact film and…

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The Peru Project

In the shantytowns surrounding Lima, Peru, lighting is scarce. Kerosene lamps and candles barely fill the nighttime electricity void. Though light can sometimes be…

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The Kilgoris Project: Nonprofit Provides Kindles in Kenya

The rural Kenyan village of Kilgoris is far from the reaches of modern technology, but thanks to Jon McCormack and his use of multimedia, Kilgoris now has…

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No Fast Food Here – A Londolozi Leopard’s Ordeal for a Good Meal

Its no walk in the park what a leopard must go through to get a good meal.  First the capture and killing of its prey, then the careful preparation of the carcass and…

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Adventure Not To Be Missed: Backroads Peru Hiking Trip

Backroads, a highly regarded, California-based adventure travel company, recently posted a Major Multimedia promotional video about Peru on their social media network….

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The Key to Africa’s Future: Educating Children

Thousands of miles from home, Michelle Stark is changing the world. In 2005 the Homewood, Illinois native founded Matanya’s Hope, a nonprofit dedicated to educating…

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Nature at its Best – Witness Kenya’s Great Migration

Imagine ballooning over the Maasai Mara at dawn to the sight of a half a million wildebeests and zebras searching for untapped grasslands. Picture the vultures lined up…

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Teenager Liza Gurtin’s efforts are a True Inspiration

It’s a shocking statistic – one billion impoverished people lack access to clean drinking water.   Liza Gurtin, a San Diego teenager and a 2011 Diller Teen Tikkun…

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Colca Canyon, Peru – Life in a Simpler Time

The terraces of the Andes surround the  Colca Valley are impressive. The name Colca refers to small granaries of mud and stone, built into the cliffs in the valley and…

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